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Customer service
  • Calls Apple's Customer Service department
  • The average hold time is 12m
  • The current wait is approximately 12m
  • Hours are Mon-Sun 7am-6pm CT
  • The best time to call is 8:15am
  • Isu popular untuk pusat panggilan ini: Bayaran Balik dan Pemulangan, Waranti dan Pembaikan, Akses Akaun, Pertikaikan Caj dan Sokongan Peranti.
  • Reach a live Apple agent: Tekan 0, kemudian tekan 6 ATAU Untuk sokongan teknikal, siapkan nombor siri. Jangan tekan sifar - katakan "Sokongan iPhone" (atau produk apa sahaja yang anda hubungi). Sistem akan meminta nombor siri dan menghantarkan anda kepada seseorang yang boleh membantu
  • What you hear when you call: Jika anda mempunyai nombor telefon lain yang boleh saya gunakan untuk mencari anda, sila masukkannya sekarang. Jika tidak, dalam beberapa perkataan, sila beritahu saya mengapa anda menelefon.

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Dec 1, 2023

Apple is a major technology company that manufactures computers, phones, mobile devices, smart watches and peripherals. In addition, Apple sells streaming services, including music, TV shows and movies. As one of the largest technology companies in the world, Apple receives an enormous number of customer service requests every day.

Why Do People Call Apple Customer Support?

People call Apple customer support for a range of reasons, including:

  • Assistance with buying products and services.
  • Technical support.
  • Assistance with repairs, returns and exchanges.
  • Questions about charges to credit and debit cards.
  • Reporting fraud and identity theft.
  • Questions about operating devices or using services.

Note: Apple provides limited customer support after the purchase of a new computer or other devices. You have the option, however, of purchasing a service plan. If you don't have coverage for technical support, your free technical support options may be limited. In such cases, you can pay for support at a Genius Bar or through an approved Apple service provider.

Best Practices for Calling Apple Customer Service

Apple maintains customer service numbers for each country in which it does business. Before calling, make sure that you have the correct number for your concern and geographical location. You should also have your product serial number available.

While it is possible to call Apple customer support directly, you should be aware that Apple relies on a voice menu to direct you to a customer service representative. It may be possible to reach an agent by hitting "0" repeatedly or simply responding "operator" at each prompt.

Apple generally prefers customers to visit its support website menu. From there, you can indicate the product or service you need help with, answer some questions, and then receive a list of support options, including receiving a callback from an Apple customer support agent.

Before calling, make sure that you have the ability to take notes during your call. Having a written record of the call can be very helpful if you have to escalate your case. You should also have copies of correspondence with Apple, as well as any other documentation critical to your case, such as credit card bills or evidence that an account has been used fraudulently.

How Do People Feel About Their Calls to Apple Customer Support?

Apple has a strong reputation for providing quality customer service, particularly in the area of technical support. Calls are usually answered quickly and you may even be offered a choice of music to listen to if you have to wait to speak to someone. Support specialists are considered to be knowledgeable and are usually able to address concerns.

What Kind of Issues Can Apple Customer Support Resolve?

Apple's customer service team can resolve many issues over the phone, including technical support issues, billing problems and questions about how to operate or use a product properly.

What Can't Be Resolved by Phone With Apple?

While Apple may be able to assist you with performing some troubleshooting and diagnostic tests over the phone, some issues will require working with a technician. In addition, if you purchase products from Apple and have them shipped to you, customer service representatives are limited in their ability to deal with third-party shipping services and problems with receiving your package.

Returns and exchanges will also require you to physically pack an item and arrange for it to be returned to Apple.

What Can I Do If I Am Unhappy With My Call to Apple?

If you are unhappy with your communications with Apple's customer service team, don't fret. You still have options available.

First, if you did not take notes during your conversation with Apple, take a few moments to write down what you remember from the call. This can be helpful when you get back in touch with Apple.

Next, call Apple again or request another callback. You may have more success with the next agent you speak to, as he or she may have more education or training and be better able to resolve your situation.

Another option is to use a different method of getting in touch. Apple offers the option of connecting with an agent via live chat. This method has the advantage of giving you a written record of your conversation.

A third option is to bring a device to an authorized Apple technician or to the Genius Bar at a local Apple Store. You may need to do one of these things anyway if the problem is with a physical product. You will need to make an appointment at a Genius Bar before going to the store.

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Apple Customer Phone Number 800-275-2273 - Stats

Nombor telefon untuk didail800-275-2273
Panggilan balik tersediaYA
Panggilan dijemput oleh orang yang sebenarYA
Jabatan yang anda hubungiKhidmat Pelanggan
Waktu pusat panggilanIsnin-Ahad 7 pagi-6 petang CT
Masa terbaik untuk mendail8:15 pagi
Rata-rata menunggu12 minit
Penantian semasa12 minit
Kedudukan (antara nombor telefon)1
Kedudukan (keseluruhan)1
Saluran komunikasitelefon, web, facebook, twitter
Kualiti komunikasi79%
Kualiti pertolongan52%
Undian pelanggan7,152
Maklumat terakhir dikemas kiniFri Dec 01 2023 09:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Apple's Best Toll-Free/800 Customer Phone Number

Ini adalah nombor telefon Apple terbaik, penantian semasa masa nyata dan alat untuk melangkau terus melalui talian telefon tersebut untuk menghubungi ejen Apple. Nombor telefon ini adalah Nombor Telefon Terbaik Apple kerana 156,552 pelanggan seperti anda menggunakan maklumat hubungan ini selama 18 bulan terakhir dan memberi kami maklum balas. Masalah umum yang ditangani oleh unit penjagaan pelanggan yang menjawab panggilan ke 800-275-2273 termasuk Refunds and Returns, Warranty and Repairs, Account Access, Dispute a Charge, Device Support dan masalah perkhidmatan pelanggan yang lain. Pusat panggilan Apple yang anda hubungi mempunyai pekerja dari Georgia, Ohio, Michigan dan dibuka Mon-Sun 7am-6pm CT mengikut pelanggan. Secara keseluruhan, Apple mempunyai 2 nombor telefon. Tidak selalu jelas apakah kaedah terbaik untuk bercakap dengan perwakilan Apple, jadi kami mula menyusun maklumat ini berdasarkan cadangan dari komuniti pelanggan. Terus berkongsi pengalaman anda agar kami dapat terus meningkatkan sumber percuma ini.

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Terdapat cara lain untuk berhubung dengan Apple, termasuk tapak web / meja bantuan mereka dan pemegang Twitter mereka dan melalui Facebook / Pengutus Mesej. Lawati halaman Perkhidmatan Pelanggan Apple kami untuk mendapatkan maklumat lanjut.
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